Curriculum Vitae


·         MA Psychology (experimental) – concentration in animal behavior. 2003.

·         BS, Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey. 1977.

Expert Consulting:

·         Research Consultant:  Behavior and Heart Rate Changes of Dogs during  low level E Collar Training, Maryland, Colorado. Tennessee  2014-2017.

·         Summit Meeting. American College of Veterinary Behaviorists & Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists. Chicago, Ill. 2009.

·         Michael Vick Case - Fighting Pit Bulls, evaluator on the ASPCA Canine Behavior Evaluation Team: VA. 2007.

·         Research consultant. National Institutes of Health, MD. Animal Studies:

o   The Effects of Calming Cap Use on the Behavior & Physiology of Laboratory Dogs. Behavioral protocols for transport shipping stress in dogs. 2008.

o   The Effects of Positive Reinforcement Training on the Behavior & Physiology of Laboratory Dogs 2008.

·         The Iams Company. Feline behavior expert. Lewisburg, OH. 2007­ – 2008.

·         Research consultant/manager. National Institutes of Health and SoBran-Inc, Bethesda & Poolesville, MD. Behavioral protocols for dogs, cats, horses, laboratory animals, and training of animal behaviorists. 2004 – 2010. Manger Hopkins Bay View NIH Facility 1980-2003.

o   Head, Psychobiology Unit. Research on aggression and phobias in dogs. 2000-2003.

o   Research consultant. Behavior modification of swine. Aberdeen Proving Grds, Belair, MD. 2001-2002.


Services for the Public and Expert Witness Services – behavior evaluations and risk assessment (overview):

·         Circuit Court: American Bulldog, risk assessment for child. Anne Arundel County. MD 2016.

·         Animal Appeals Board: Labrador mix deemed “Dangerous”, bit child. Baltimore City. MD 2015

·         Animal Appeals Board. Three dogs deemed “Dangerous”. Charles County. MD. 2014.

·         Animal Appeals Board. Pit mix deemed dangerous. Anne Arundel County. MD. 2014.

·         Animal Appeals Board. Labrador mix deemed dangerous. Baltimore, MD. 2013.

·         Private client. Pit Bull. Child risk assessment. MD. 2013.

·         Behavioral Evaluation Baltimore City Appeals Board: Ger. Shep. deemed “Menacing”, MD. 2013.

·         Animal Appeals Board. Boxer deemed dangerous. Anne Arundel County, MD 2012.

·         Animal Appeals Board: Shar Pei deemed “Dangerous”, Anne Arundel County, MD. 2012.

·         Maryland Public Defenders Office: Research on identification of banned breeds in PG County. 2012

·         Animal Matters Appeals Board. Pit bull deemed potentially dangerous. Montgomery County, MD. 2011.

·         Animal Matters Appeals Board. Carroll County, MD. 2007- 2010. 2017.

o   Risk assessment: Boxer and Shih-Tzu deemed “Vicious and Dangerous. Carroll County, MD 2009

o   Risk assessment: Boxer deemed “Public Nuisance”. Carroll County, MD. 2009

o   Risk assessment: Two Shiloh shepherds deemed “Vicious and Dangerous. Carroll County, MD. 2008.

o   Risk assessment: Labrador deemed “Vicious and Dangerous. Carroll County, MD. 2007.

o   Risk assessment: Two Rottweilers deemed “Public Nuisance”. Carroll County, MD. 2007.

·         Baltimore City Appeals Board: Labrador mix, MD. 2010.

·         Circuit Court: German shepherd mix – bite to a child. Harford County, MD. 2009.

·         Animal Appeals Board/civil case: German shepherd bite to a child. Arlington, VA. 2007.

·         Eviction order based on nuisance barking w disabled client. Bichon, MD. 2007.

·         Baltimore City Appeals Board, MD: Bloodhound deemed “Dangerous”, 2005.

·         Animal Matters Appeals Board. Two Labrador mixes deemed “Vicious and Dangerous”. Baltimore City, Maryland. 2004.

·         Private client: Doberman pinscher. Child risk assessment. Carroll County, MD. 2005.


Educational Seminars.

·         Two-day seminar: Handling and training: dog-dog aggression problems. 2016. Phoenix, AZ.

·         Teleconference: Handling and training: dog-dog aggression problems. 2010.

·         Teleconference: Conquering the Challenges of a Beginning Agility Class: What Instructors Need to Know, 2009.

·         Teleconference: How to write a report to a veterinarian after a behavior consult, 2009.

·         Teleconference: Working with veterinarians: behavioral signs of medical problems, N. Williams, CAAB, MA, RVT, and Margaret Knoll DVM. 2008-2009.

·         Consultant and speaker for selected topics: veterinary hospitals, laboratory animal facilities.

·         DVD produced from seminar:  Modifying Aggression in dogs: N. Williams and Dr. Suzanne Hetts, 2007.

·         Other numerous seminars provided on dog & cat behavior to trainers and veterinarians.

Professional Presentations – Publications – Media.


·         Behavior and Heart Rate Changes of Dogs during Invisible Fence Training. IFAAB, TX 2015.

·         Humane restraint and equipment for dog training and veterinary facilities. The Animal Behavior Society, Princeton University, Princeton NJ, 2014.

·         Behavior Problems & Handling of Cats. Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Baltimore MD, 2014.

·         Humane restraint Equipment and training techniques for dog/people aggressive dogs. IFAAB, Tucson, 2014.

·         Dogs exhibiting aggressive threats toward other dogs. Carroll County Pet Expo, Westminster, MD 2013

·         Behavior Problems in Cats. CatSense Hospital, Bel Air MD, 2011, 2013.

·         Dogs exhibiting aggressive threats toward people. Carroll County Pet Expo, Westminster, MD 2012

·         Novel methods for treatment of aggressive cats and dogs exhibiting aggression toward cats: IFAAB, LA. 2011.

·         Handling and training dogs - workshop. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Annual Meeting, GA. 2010.

·         Aggression in dogs. Professional Animal Behaviour Associates, Guelph Veterinary School/University, Guelph, Canada, May 2010.

·         Novel approaches for aggression therapy. Best Friends Forever Conf, Chester Springs Exton, PA. Aug 2010.

·         “Dominance theory” and alternative training methodologies. The Altlantshaf Icelandic Sheepdog Chapter, National meeting. MD. 2009.

·         Behavior modification for rescue dogs exhibiting problem behaviors. The Poodle Club of America, National meeting. MD. 2009.

·         The team approach to difficult cases involving rescue dogs: The Michael Vick fighting dogs. IFAAB, AZ. 2009.

·         Effective communication among trainers, behavior consultants and veterinarians. IFAAB, AZ. 2009.

·         Behavior modification for large breed dogs; emphasis on the contribution of medical problems to behavior problems. In conjunction with Airpark Animal Hospital. The Newfoundland Club, MD. 2009.

·         Assessing Behavior & Training involving Heart Rate Monitoring; Veterinary Referral and Report Writing:

St. Hubert’s Dog Animal Welfare Center, NJ. 2008.

·         Assessing Behavior & Training Using Physiological Measurements: IFAAB, LA. 2008.

·         Puppy Behavior Assessments: Science and New Methodologies. American Humane Association, VA. 2007.

·         Analyzing and Modifying Canine Aggression. Workshop & seminar, CO, 2007.

·         Physiological Components of Impulse Control & Emotion in Dogs: IFAAB, LA. 2007.

·         Mentoring for certification by the Animal Behavior Society: IFAAB, NV. 2006.

·         Practical Approaches to Difficult Situations: IFAAB, NV, 2006.

·         Self-directed Aggression: A Novel Treatment for an Unusual Problem. Research. Case Study. IFAAB, NV.

·         Restraint Equipment and the Power to Stop the Pull. Research: data collection on force exerted by restraint and collar corrections across a dog’s cervical area.  IFAAB, AZ, 2005.

·         Dog Temperament. Development of a valid assessment tool for “temperament testing”. IFAAB, AZ. 2005.

·         Panel on Growing the Field. Education for behavior professionals. IFAAB, AZ, 2005.

·         Behavior modification of Dogs with Aggressive Behaviors. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Annual Meeting, CO. 2004.

·         Increasing safety and control during dog aggression displays. IFAAB, FL, 2004.

·         The relation of heart rate variability and emotional reactivity in dogs. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Annual Retreat, MD. 2003.

·         The relation of heart rate variability and emotional reactivity in dogs. IFAAB, TX, 2003.

·         Clicker training pigs to facilitate handling.  American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Annual Meeting. WA. 2003.

·         Ambulatory monitoring of cardiovascular responses during behavioral modification of an aggressive dog.  NIH Annual Retreat, MD. 2002.

·         Full body restraint as a treatment for dogs with aggressive behavior. IFAAB, Tampa, FL. 2002.



Williams, N. G., Borchelt, P., Knoll, M., Bulloch, M., Sollers III, J.J. Heart rate and heart rate variability during aggressive and anxious behaviours in dogs (manuscript under revision).

Williams, N.G., Borchelt, P.J. (2003). Full body restraint and rapid stimulus exposure as a treatment for dogs with defensive aggressive behavior: Three case studies. International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 16, 226-236.

Williams, N.G., Borchelt, P.J., Sollers III, J.J., Gasper, P., & Thayer, J.F. (2003). Ambulatory monitoring of cardiovascular responses during behavioral modification of an aggressive dog. Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation, 39, 214-219.

Ingram, D.K. & Williams, N. (2002). Neurobiology of cognitive dysfunction syndrome in dogs. Clinical and Nutritional Management of Dogs and Cats, WSAVA, 31-36.

Donovan, D.M., Rowley, D.L. & Williams, N.G. (2004). Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet based animal colony management for genetically altered animals. BioTechniques.

Roth, G.S., Brennecke, L.H., French, A.W., Williams, N.G., Waggie, K.S., Spurgeon, H.A., & Ingram, D.K. (1993). Pathological characterization of male Wistar rats from the gerontology research center. Journal of Gerontology, 48, 213-230.


Award: Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium, Inc. 2003. Best Paper in the B.S & M.S. Category. Ambulatory monitoring of cardiovascular responses during behavioral modification of an aggressive dog.

Private Practice Clinical Veterinary Experience: Dogs, cats and exotics.

Brookside Veterinary Clinic, Bloomfield, NJ. Veterinary Technician 1977 – 1979.


Relevant Experience - Research. Animal species - dogs, cats, primates, goats, sheep, swine, and birds.

·         Head, Psychobiology Unit, Comparative Medicine Section, Gerontology Research Center, National Institute on Aging (NIA), NIH, Baltimore, MD. 1999-2003. Research on the physiology of aggression & phobia in pet dogs.

o   Animal Facility Manager, Animal Resources Section, Research Resources Branch, Gerontology Research Center, National Institute on Aging, NIH, Baltimore, MD. 1981 – 1999.

o   Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) member: NIA-NIH Gerontology Research Center. 1985-1999. Member, Trans-NIH Enrichment Advisory Panel 2002-2003.

o   IACUC member: National Institute of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Baltimore, MD. 1987-1995.

·         University of Maryland at Baltimore, Comparative Medicine, Baltimore, MD, Medical Technologist, 1980 – 1981. Assisted investigators and veterinarians with clinical care of animals on study.

·         The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Research Associate, 1979-1980. Investigations in fetal cell hemoglobin disorders, clinical patient work, and the implementation of rabbit antigen-antibody proposals.

·         Hoffmann-La Roche Inc, Central Animal Services, NJ, Laboratory Animal Technologist, 1972 – 1976.






·         Monthly column on Pet behavior for Hampstead Life and the Eldersburg Life., Maryland 2013-2014.

·         Television & radio appearances; Fox 45, “Critter Chatter” Pet Life Radio and other stations.

·         Dog Fancy & Carroll Magazine, Dog Talk columns & breed newsletters

·         Numerous seminars on scientific training methods, aggression/phobia for breed clubs, obedience clubs, APDT, veterinary hospitals.

Professional Affiliations

  • Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB), Animal Behavior Society.
  • Registered Veterinary Technician, Maryland.
  • Animal Behavior Society, Issues Committee 2008 to 2011.
  • Founder, CoreCAAB Partners 2006.
  • President, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). 2001-2005.
  • Member and Chair, Education Committee APDT, 1999-2001. Subject matter expert - dog trainer certification.
  • Registered Animal Technologist AALAS; committee member & subject matter expert for three levels of the national examinations for laboratory animal care personnel.
  • American Kennel & United Kennel Club Judge - agility (emeritus), AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Obedience Instructor. Private and group obedience & agility classes: 1985-2000, 2012-2015