Nancy Williams has been involved with animal behavior modification as a veterinary technician, researcher, dog show judge and consultant. She specializes in dog and cat behavior problems, and issues with other pets.

Poor training methods contribute to over a million bites to humans from pet dogs annually. Nancy educates the dog owning public on the importance of formal education in animal behavior and the pitfalls of many of the methods advised on the internet and popular television shows.

Instead, Ms. Williams promotes scientific, positive training methods to replace the, at times, harsh and often ineffective training procedures advised to the public. She believes that animal behavior research has taught us how to work with our beloved pets without using the force methods of yesteryear that are, in many cases, frightening to our pets. A number of the methods she uses are novel, and very effective!

Nancy's cases involve aggression in dogs and cats directed toward people, other dogs or cats, separation and other anxiety issues, house training in dogs, fighting between cats and litter box problems. For more information, view services.

In addition to her work with problem behaviors, Nancy helps owners of young dogs and puppies get started on a path that will help avoid future problems for both owner and dog. Many times this can be done in a single session.

Other contributions

Ms. Williams participated in the development of a national competency examination for animal technicians with the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science and she coordinated the development of the first ever national certification examination for dog trainers as president of the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers. She previously served as chair of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers education committee.

Nancy has several recent publications on aggression and anxiety in dogs, and has presented in seminars around the country for professional organizations, veterinary practices and as a consultant for laboratory facilities. Ms. Williams has qualified as an expert witness, and currently serves on an Animal Appeal Hearing Board. She has appeared on several radio and television shows and provides lectures and teleconferences around the country. For more information, view Nancy’s resumé.