Services Offered

Sessions can be held at Nancy’s facility in Manchester, MD, your home, or via a telephone consult. During a session you will receive handouts on cat or dog behavior and a detailed written program. Nancy works closely with your veterinarian and sends an assessment report following each consult.

Classes are taught by Nancy's associate, Mary Huntsberry, MA, ACAAB of Helping Pets Behave, LLC.

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Did you know that problem dogs are often wonderful outside of the problem area? In most cases where the dog is frightened and threatens aggressively, the cause is misunderstood to be a “leadership” problem.


Many wonderful people have owned dogs and have only had a problem with one. This means that it is unlikely that the owner is causing the problem. Rather, the dog is different. Nancy has humane and innovative training methods that are very effective for dogs that pose a special challenge for their owners.

  • Aggression toward family members and/or people outside the home
  • Aggression toward people entering the home or outside the home
  • Fighting with other dogs in the family or aggressive behaviors toward dogs when walked
  • Separation problems
  • House training
  • Puppy wellness sessions and problem prevention
  • Destructive and other problem behaviors
  • Problems with older dogs - geriatric issues
  • Rescue dogs with issues
  • Difficulty handling for restraint or grooming 
  • Aggression toward the veterinarian
  • Fear and anxiety issues

There are many trainers and free advice given to the public. Your session will not be more of the same advice that is not working to your satisfaction. Nancy will explain your dog’s behavior and clear up any misunderstanding. She has learned that challenging dogs respond to a different method of management and training. When you work with Nancy you’ll find an effective manner in which to interact with your dog.

Did you know that most cats are removed from their home for behavior, rather than medical problems? Fortunately, there is much that can be done to prevent this!

For Cats

Cats can pose a challenge for their owners. They are loving and special pets that are easily frightened requiring thoughtful handling. Their behavior is often misunderstood which is why few behaviorists work with cat behavior problems.

  • Inappropriate elimination - litter box problems
  • Fighting with other cats in the family
  • Aggression toward people
  • Problems with older cats - geriatric issues
  • Destructive and other problem behaviors
  • Difficulty handling for restraint or grooming
  • Fear and anxiety issues

Ms. Williams has worked with many owners to solve their cat's issues. She promotes the use of scientific methods, management, and environmental changes to solve many cat problems. In addition to working with pet cat owners, Ms. Williams is a cat behavior consultant to the laboratory and pet industry. She presents seminars on cat behavior issues for veterinary practices and cat fanciers.